It’s the final day of #AGOSCI2015 – I’m always sad when a fabulous conference ends!  But I love all the great ideas and tips I’ve learned that I get to go back and try!  And AGOSCI is always so practical – which is one of the reasons it’s one of my favourite conferences 🙂

My last presentation for this year’s AGOSCI Conference was with Lorna Fenech. Lorna is the Deputy Principal at Adelaide West Special Education Centre and a very skilled teacher.  Lorna and students at Adelaide West are also featured in one of the Illustrations of Personal Learning on the Australian Curriculum website.

We promised a couple of handouts during the presentation – so here they are!

You can click on this link to download the General Capabilities Continuums  that Lorna showed.  These are to be used with Australian Curriculum.

And the presentation is below:

And I hope to see lots of you at the next AGOSCI Conference in Melbourne in 2017!

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